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“I found the removal process quick and efficient and the workers courteous and helpful. No complaints.”
Daniel Burton, Portsmouth removals.

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The man and van Southampton moving services are known for their quality, reliability, punctuality, feasibility and security. Conformance to the guidelines of the British Association of Removals (BAR) ensures streamlined procedures from the planning and packing to the delivery of your household cargo at your desired destination.

You can rely on the local and nationwide moving vans for zero breakdowns, fuel efficiency, load capacity and protection from natural elements during transit. The transit storage facilities provide safe warehousing for your household cargo during emergency and planned stops.

Furniture storage Gosport

Furniture storage Gosport

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Shared load

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Removals Southampton – Checklist Preparation

Preparing the inventory checklist is the key to optimize the packing and stacking procedures. You can start from your drawing room, move into the bedroom, kitchen, bathrooms, children’s rooms and the garage to make a list of all the items to pack and stack.

Size and Volume:

Your household items listing consists of furniture and fixture, electrical appliances, electronic items, utilities and household-wares, carpets, upholstery, curtains and drapers etc. You have to plan for the packing materials accurately to accommodate all of the items. But their sheer volume and size can confuse you right from the start.

Stacking Standards:

The BAR standards for stacking requires you to mark and label all the carton boxes clearly. The experts from removals Southampton can help you ease this task. They use the water and damage resistant labels for indicating the box weight (with cargo), content type, stacking direction, handling directions and safety measures for every individual box. This procedure helps in loading and stacking procedures. You can also keep track of the items accurately.

Consult the Experts:

The packing experts from man and van Southampton will have the solutions to all your packing problems. They can prepare a comprehensive material list and procure them at the time of packing. Pre-cast carton boxes (with standard dimension and volume) may be useful for packing all the small and midsized household items. They can use the foam and bubble sheets for wrapping the items before stacking them into the carton boxes.

Filling the empty spaces with rubber or foam balls can protect the boxes from shocks and vibrations during loading and transit. Dismantling the large size furniture and fixture into their basic parts can help save space and packing materials. Separate packing for fragile and sensitive items can be done with multi layer foam sheets and plywood boxes.

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  • “I found the removal process quick and efficient and the workers courteous and helpful. No complaints."

    Mr D Terrey Portsmouth removals and storage.
  • “The whole removal process was carried out extremely well.Time keeping and packing all good. Communication was quick, responsive and friendly from Graham and the team were very helpful in all respects.”

    Ms K Joyce Portsmouth removals

Man and Van Southampton – Safe Transit


The workforce at the man and van Southampton is trained to handle all types of household cargo with care and efficiency. The experts can estimate the volume of packing materials after the initial inspection. Material selection for the packing can help in reducing the insurance costs considerably.

It can also reduce the risks of damage during transit. The skilled packers and loaders have the experience of handling large, midsized and compact cargo. The loading stacking teams ensure optimum space utilization. This approach helps in accommodating maximum cargo load within a single van by ensuring safety standards.

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The drivers from man and van Southampton are trained in handling all types of logistic vehicles under testing weather and road conditions. They know the landscape and driving directions across the nationwide highways and speedways. They receive extensive training in handling the latest technology gadgets for GPS, maps and route planning.

Consistent communication with the head office and the network entities lets them get real time information about the routes and potential risks on their way. With detailed information they can avoid all the traffic jams and other obstacles on their way. This approach ensures in-time delivery of your household cargo at the destination.

removals gosport hampshire


The high end vans used in the transportation of your household cargo items are designed for carrying heavy loads across long distances. The fully covered constructions ensure maximum protection from environmental elements and risks of damages.

The vans have sufficient ventilation within their interiors for keeping the cargo fresh and free from the molds and wet patches. Regular maintenance services keep the vans running without any risks of breakdown. Fuel efficient system is one of the reasons for cost effective services from the man and van Southampton.


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Efficient Cargo Storage

The cargo storage facilities by the man and van Southampton are available at various locations all over UK. You may utilize the services at the origin, during transit or at the destination locations.

  • Temporary Storage: Temporary storage facilities may be used when there is an unexpected change in your moving program. The warehouses have advanced facilities of racking, fork-lifting and climate control systems to protect your cargo. Security systems and personnel guard the facilities from intrusion and other forms of risks round the clock.
  • Long Term Storage: The long term storage of personal and house items are available at affordable rents. You can use these facilities when your apartment or hostel has insufficient space to store the most valuable items. For example, you may use the space for electrical appliances, bikes and bicycles, furniture and fixture etc. safety lockers with keys allow you to use them whenever you need. The locations of such personal storage facilities will be generally within the reach from your apartment. Many of the man and van Southampton services keep them operational round the clock.

Cargo insurance – Best Protection

The household cargo insurance in Southampton helps in safeguarding your items from all the probable risks. Most of the service providers integrate the insurance as a part of the package offering. You can avail the services to cover all your valuable and fragile household items by paying a premium and conforming to the terms and conditions. You have to check the insurance plans for the coverage scope and the liability on claims. Consultations with the service provider can provide you with the detailed information about the items to be insured and the items to avoid.

Customer Support – Best Quality

The man and van Southampton provides the best customer support series through phone, email and online chat. The helpdesk works round the clock to answer all your queries and solve your problems in real time.

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